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A Simplified Option for Retirement Plans

Thanks to recent legislation, a PEP is a new kind of 401(k) plan with many advantages for employers both big and small. In the Newport Secure Retirement Pooled Employer Plan* (PEP), employers “pool together” to provide an affordable benefit to their employees without the administrative hassles of running a single-employer retirement plan.

It doesn’t matter if these employers are in the same industry or geographic area, they can all join in the plan together—and enjoy a high level of services and efficiencies similar to those of the largest companies in the country.

Newport Secure Retirement is a turnkey retirement plan solution for employers who may be looking to outsource responsibilities such as the burden of daily operations, fiduciary risk, liabilities and other obligations. When you join the plan, you hand many of those accountabilities to Newport—allowing you to focus on what matters most for your business.


A PEP might be right for employers who:

Want to begin offering a retirement plan, but want to limit expense, fiduciary liability and time commitment in running the plan
Sponsor an existing plan and are looking to lower costs and outsource many of the fiduciary responsibilities to an expert
Want a turnkey solution without having to customize documents and plan features

Key PEP Features

  • No employer size or geographic restrictions
  • Pooling together plans of different companies and industries
  • Efficiency of pricing and operational processes
  • One Plan: one 5500, audit, trust; separate testing
  • Newport serves as Pooled Plan Provider (PPP), and assumes most investment, operational and fiduciary liability
  • Employer is responsible for selecting and monitoring the PPP and other named fiduciaries

Employer Benefits

  • Available for new and current plans
  • Cost effective
  • Limits fiduciary liability
  • Minimizes operational responsibilities
  • Time savings to focus on business priorities

Employee Benefits

  • Affordable retirement plan option
  • Retirement plan benefit accessibility
  • Intuitive digital experience
  • Robust, toll-free participant service center
  • Financial wellness and education

Why choose Newport?

As a leading retirement plan provider you can count on a dedicated and experienced team with deep knowledge of the industry to take the burden of running a retirement plan off your shoulders. As a Department of Labor (DOL) registered Pooled Plan Provider, Newport offers a fully turnkey, integrated end-to-end solution that encompasses all of the services needed to manage and operate the PEP. We take on many of the fiduciary risks and we manage the work for you:

Fiduciary Services

Your fiduciary liabilities are lessened as Newport’s ERISA experts assume responsibility for many fiduciary functions and serve as the PEP’s 402(a) Named Fiduciary, 3(16) Administrative Fiduciary and 3(38) Investment Fiduciary.

Trustee and Custodial Services

Newport Trust Company performs all required trustee functions for the PEP. Newport’s recordkeeping platform is fully integrated with our custodian platform, ensuring integrity of data and eliminating reporting delays.

Recordkeeping and Administration Services

Newport is an award-winning recordkeeping and administration provider, serving over 1.5M participants. We operate the Newport Secure Retirement PEP on our primary recordkeeping platform, ensuring that the plan takes advantage of the latest features.

Employer Support Services

Newport is dedicated to providing you and your employees with expert, high-quality and responsive services along with the tools you need to adopt the PEP. This commitment begins with establishing a foundation with dedicated, experienced support including assigned on-boarding and service teams.

Participant Support Services

The success of the Newport Secure Retirement PEP starts with the participant. Our award-winning communications and education empower employees to feel financially secure in building a better retirement.

Advisor Support Services

Newport provides information and reporting to make it easy for your advisor or any advisor you might wish to utilize to support you as you offer the Newport Secure Retirement PEP to your employees.

Why Newport Could Be a Perfect Fit For You

  • 35+ years of retirement experience and expertise
  • Serving virtually every sector of American business from startups to Fortune 500
  • Award-winning recordkeeping and participant services provider 1

Recognized as one of the nation’s largest defined contribution recordkeepers: 2

TOP 5 

in 403(b) ERISA and non-ERISA plans

TOP 10

in total 403(b) ERISA plan assets

TOP 10

in plans serviced between $10 million to $100 million

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